A Southern California Wedding: Venues, Ideas & Tips

Southern California, often referred to as SoCal, is a dream wedding destination for many couples; with its stunning beaches, sprawling vineyards, and cosmopolitan cities, there's a gorgeous venue to suit every style and taste. 

If you're planning your nuptials in this magical location, you're already off to a promising start; still, every dream wedding requires intricate planning! In this extended guide, we dive deep into the possibilities and considerations of top wedding venues that make a Southern California destination wedding truly memorable.

Venue Options Galore

Beachside Resorts

Why Choose This Venue?

The golden sands and sparkling waters make SoCal beaches some of the most sought-after wedding locations in the U.S. These resorts also often provide end-to-end services for weddings, including lodging for your guests.

Top Picks

  • Montage, Laguna Beach: Known for its five-star luxury and panoramic views of the pacific ocean
  • Terranea Resort, Palos Verdes: Offers cliff-side views and a Mediterranean vibe

Budget and Considerations

Expect to budget considerably for these prime spots; check for wedding packages that include reception food, beverage, and lodging for a more comprehensive deal.


Photo by Dan Morris on Unsplash

Why Choose This Venue?

A vineyard wedding provides a romantic, pastoral setting with the added fun of wine-tasting activities for your guests.

Top Picks

  • Ponte Winery, Temecula: A beautiful venue with Italian influences, and of course, oodles of wine
  • Sunstone Winery, Santa Ynez: Offers a Provence-like setting and is perfect for a vintage-themed wedding

Budget and Considerations

Costs can vary depending on the vineyard's reputation and the season. Make sure you understand what the venue fee includes; some vineyards might require you to purchase a certain amount of their wine for the event.

Historic Mansions for Added Magic

Why Choose This Venue?

Mansions provide a timeless, elegant backdrop, often complete with beautiful gardens and grand ballrooms.

Top Picks

  • Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills: Offers old-world charm and several ornate gardens
  • Pasadena Princess Estate, Pasadena: Boasts grandeur and is perfect for a fairy-tale wedding

Budget and Considerations

Mansions often have restrictions on the number of guests or require permits for photography, so read the fine print carefully.

Romantic Rustic Retreats

Why Choose This Venue?

For couples who prefer a relaxed, back-to-nature setting, mountain retreats offer a serene backdrop.

Top Picks

  • Grand Idyllwild Lodge, Idyllwild: Combines luxury and rustic charm
  • Pine Rose Cabins, Twin Peaks: Offers a woodland setting complete with log cabins

Budget and Considerations

These venues can be more affordable but check for any additional costs for heating or cooling, especially if your wedding is in a season where the weather can be extreme.

Thrilling City Rooftops

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

Why Choose This Venue?

For a wedding with urban flair, the city rooftops offer a modern vibe with stunning views.

Top Picks

  • Oviatt Penthouse, Los Angeles: A historic venue with an exclusive feel
  • Andaz San Diego: Offers a poolside rooftop experience with a skyline view

Budget and Considerations

Costs can be high due to the location. Also, sound ordinances might restrict your event's hours, so plan accordingly.

The Insider’s Guide to Trendy Wedding Venues in Southern California

While Southern California offers an array of wedding venues to suit every taste, there are a few that particularly stand out for their unique flair and stylish vibe. Here are some of the region's trendiest options, categorised by location:

Los Angeles: Where Hip Meets Historic

  • Grass Room: This venue is a testimony to the Marvimon group's knack for creating distinct and stylish wedding venues. Grass Room is a must-consider location in the LA scene
  • SmogShoppe: Nestled in Culver City, SmogShoppe is an eco-friendly wedding venue that combines desert botanicals and retro furnishings. With a courtyard that can host 150 guests, this solar-powered venue is ideal for those who are environmentally conscious and love a chic setting
  • Valentine: Brought to life by the same masterminds behind SmogShoppe, Valentine offers a grand venue in downtown LA. The venue boasts a roaring '20s origin and has been transformed into a flexible, 9,000-square-foot event space

Palm Springs: Desert Chic

  • Korakia Pensione: This sanctuary in Palm Springs evokes the essence of a Mediterranean retreat, complete with aromatic jasmine and breathtaking mountain views
  • The Saguaro: If vibrant colours are your thing, look no further. Located in the Coachella Valley, this boutique hotel offers an eccentric, colourful backdrop for your big day
  • The Lautner Compound: Known for its mid-century design and geometric lines, this venue is perfect for couples looking for that modern desert vibe

San Diego: Modern Elegance

  • BRICK: Positioned in Liberty Station's Arts District, BRICK is a canvas of versatility, serving as an ode to modern design in a historically rich setting
  • The Woodshed by Booze Brothers: Situated in Vista, this venue comes with a lounge room, patio, and even a chalk wall; it's the epitome of modern and playful
  • The Vistonian: Also in Vista, this new venue offers an expansive 8,200 square feet of space, complete with prep rooms and a bar. It has a seating capacity of 170, making it versatile for larger weddings

Inland Empire: Classic with a Twist

  • The Mission Inn Riverside: This venue in downtown Riverside exudes European opulence, offering a fairy-tale-like setting
  • The Mitten Building: Located in Redlands, this charming venue has a rich, historical backdrop that adds a unique touch to any wedding
  • Peltzer Winery in Temecula: Surrounded by vineyards, this venue provides both indoor and outdoor options, perfect for any season

Central Coast: Nature Meets Elegance

  • Camp Campbell: Situated amidst the redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains, this YMCA camp offers a socially-conscious setting that is as diverse and inclusive as it is beautiful
  • The Casitas Estate: This San Luis Obispo venue is all about luxurious Spanish Revival architecture, set against a backdrop of wildflowers
  • La Lomita Ranch: Known for its multiple landscapes, including rolling hills and palm fronds, this venue captures the natural beauty of the Central Coast

Unique Ideas

Sunset Ceremony

Photo by Pedro de Sousa on Unsplash

Use nature’s backdrop to your advantage by timing your ceremony to coincide with the golden hour. The warm, diffused light will make for stunning photos and an even more memorable ceremony.

Food Trucks

For a casual, fun atmosphere, opt for food trucks instead of a formal dinner; you can go for various types of cuisine to offer something for everyone.

Snack Stations

Whether it's a build-your-own taco bar, a decadent doughnut wall, or a gourmet, wedding cake-drizzled popcorn station, these snack areas offer not only a culinary delight but also serve as interactive experiences that engage guests. For SoCal inspired nibbles, consider a mini fish taco station or a fresh guacamole bar.

Surfing Session

Kick off the perfect wedding day with a morning surf session with your closest friends and family - it’s a fun, stress-relieving way to start your special day.

Eco-friendly Wedding

Showcase your commitment to sustainability by going for an eco-friendly wedding - use e-invites, organic foods, and recyclable or biodegradable tableware.

Beach Games

Add a playful element by incorporating beach games like frisbee, cornhole, or even a sandcastle-building contest.

Themed Photobooth

Hire a photobooth with props that match your wedding’s theme- this is a great way for guests to have fun and for you to get some additional candid pictures.

Local Music Talent

Southern California is home to countless musicians, so consider hiring a local band that can capture the spirit of the area.

Seasonal Considerations

Best Months for a Wedding

Generally, April through November offers the most reliable weather; however, June can be tricky due to the “June Gloom” phenomenon where mornings are often overcast.

Off-Season Benefits

Opting for a wedding during the off-season months like December through March can save you money but may come with unpredictable weather.

Seasonal Flora

Photo by Sara Maximoff on Unsplash

Take advantage of seasonal flowers for your bouquet and arrangements; spring offers tulips and irises, while autumn brings out vibrant dahlias and chrysanthemums.

Attire Suggestions

Beach Weddings

Think light and breezy; linen suits for men and chiffon dresses for women work well.

Vineyard Chic

Darker, richer colours complement vineyard settings; consider a navy blue suit or a deep red dress for a touch of elegance.

Urban Glam

City venues call for more formal attire; think tuxedos and evening gowns.

Rustic Retreats

Casual works well here; consider denim jackets for a fall wedding or sundresses for a summer celebration.

Local Traditions and Culture

Incorporate Spanish Influence

Southern California has a rich Spanish heritage; consider including tapas in your menu or hiring a flamenco guitarist for entertainment.

Surf's Up

Incorporate surf culture by adding surfboard signage or even taking some wedding photos on surfboards if you're up for the adventure!

Hollywood Glamour

You're in the land of celebrities and movie stars! Consider a Hollywood-themed photo booth with props like feather boas and oversized sunglasses.

Accommodations for Guests

Beach Resorts

Many beachside venues offer accommodations, but they can be expensive; consider suggesting some budget-friendly hotels nearby.

Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

For a more laid-back or budget-conscious approach, look for large houses that can accommodate multiple families.

Camping Options

If your venue is in a more natural setting, see if camping is an option for more adventurous guests.

Wedding Planning Timeline

Here’s a handy timeline to help plot out your wedding planning journey:

12-18 Months Before

  • Research and visit venues
  • Set your budget
  • Send out save-the-date notifications

9-12 Months Before

  • Book key vendors: photographer, caterer, and entertainment
  • Start your wedding registry
  • Pick your wedding party

6-9 Months Before

  • Shop for wedding attire
  • Finalise guest list
  • Order invitations

3-6 Months Before

  • Choose your menu
  • Plan your honeymoon
  • Purchase rings

1-3 Months Before

  • Confirm all vendor details
  • Finalise your timeline
  • Send out invitations


Book Early

Given its popularity, venues in Southern California can book up quickly, sometimes a year or more in advance.

Consider the Microclimates

SoCal's weather can vary significantly from beaches to mountains, so plan your attire and schedule accordingly.

Hire Local Vendors

Local vendors are not only convenient but they're also familiar with the area and can offer specialised services.

Permits and Regulations

Public spaces often require permits, sometimes acquired months in advance. Make sure you understand the rules, especially for alcohol consumption and noise levels.

Keep Hydrated and Sun-Protected

Due to the sunny climate, keep sunscreen and water readily available for guests.

Parking and Transportation

If your venue has limited parking, consider renting shuttles to transport guests from a central location.

Get Insurance

Outdoor weddings can be subject to weather unpredictability, so it's wise to get insurance just in case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a wedding planner?

Given the logistical complexities of a destination wedding, hiring a local planner can be very beneficial.

Can I have a beach bonfire?

Photo by Clayton Holmes on Unsplash

Some beaches in Southern California allow bonfires, but permits are often required.

Are drones allowed for photography?

Each city and venue may have different regulations, so make sure to check the rules in advance.

Southern California offers endless possibilities for your dream wedding; whether you opt for a beachside ceremony, a vineyard reception, or a rooftop party, the region offers up something for every couple. With careful planning and attention to detail, your SoCal wedding can become a beautiful memory to cherish forever.

Written by Matthew Oliver

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