Meet Bertie

So before meeting Matthew, weddings weren’t really a thing for me, not something I tended to lend a thought towards, let alone wedding planning and planners! However the fantastically weird obscurity, which is the wonderful Matthew, wandered into my life and I was thrust into a world of venues, florists and brides! …And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Since Matthew Oliver Weddings began, through proofreading emails, rewording contracts, managing suppliers at venues (and dealing with the next day clean-up!) my involvement in and love of the UK and international wedding industry has only grown, but not only that my knowledge of what goes into planning a wedding has increased tenfold, making me pretty handy… (if I do say-so myself!)

I’m fortunate enough to have other elements of my life lend their skills to help plan weddings, from working in Finance in the Channel Islands to running a Support department for a successful eCommerce agency. …I can tell you one thing, I’m good in a crisis! But it’s not only that, I’m not too bad at working with suppliers and keeping on top of the budget. Matthew likes to think I enjoy the boring bits of Wedding planning, he may be right, but fortunately I don’t think so!

Hopefully taking a tangent away from ‘boring’ and a stroll towards something else I love (apart from Winston!); theatre …but it’s not just that, I have a particular soft spot for musical theatre. You will often find me attempting to belt out a little number from a score I have lying around (our poor neighbours!). Trips to the West End are my ideal weekends away and I try to go whenever I can, so if you ever need someone to drag along then I’m your Man!Wedding planning and musicals, what more could you ask for!? Love Bertie x

"Some stories stay with us forever"


  • I love singing 🎤
  • I prefer to drive than be driven
  • My real name is Matthew, 😁
  • Dogs are my favourite animal (especially those called Winston & Rupert)!
  • My biggest weakness - ice-cream 🍨
  • I have no middle name and don't miss having one
  • I have been in a couple of musicals on stage 🎭
  • I used to be a Support & Training Manager
  • I’m not really a morning person
  • Experiences are way better than owning things
  • I can pretty much quote all of Friends

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