What to Do the Morning of Your Wedding

Your wedding day is likely something you’ve dreamt about since you were little. That said, you probably didn’t consider the amount of hard work and planning that goes into wedding planning. With this hard work, often comes a stressful few months and even a stressful morning on the day-of. When it comes to the details, it’s important to plan everything ahead of time, whether it’s something as important as your ceremony setup or as simple as setting your alarm for the morning-of. Check out our tips to help you relax and know what to do the morning of your wedding.

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Finishing touches

Making sure you have a perfect wedding day doesn’t just start the day of the ceremony. It starts months and weeks before the wedding date. Details like booking your entertainment, creating a timeline, and delegating tasks should all be planned far in advance. If you ensure that everything is in place beforehand, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your florist has arrived. The more you have put in place and planned out, the easier it is to relax and focus on the significance of your walk down the aisle.

Relaxing morning routine

The most common word used to describe the wedding process is “stressful” – no surprise there. There are tons of final touches that need to be in place and many ways the day can be delayed. That said, there are many ways to avoid a stressful morning.
A great way to stay stress free on your big day is to create a relaxing morning routine the day of your wedding. It’s important to stick to your normal schedule so you don’t feel uneasy. Whether your morning ritual includes a light jog or cup of coffee and a scroll of Instagram, don’t switch things up too much.
It might also be a good idea to pick up yoga or meditation in the weeks or months ahead of your big day. These practices can help clear your mind and allow you to relax. Get up with your maid of honor on the day-of and do a quick yoga flow and have a heart-to-heart. This will allow you to relax and start the day off right.

Eat and drink

While it may seem that eating is part of a normal morning routine, many brides overlook this simple necessity on their big day. Getting lost amidst the countless details of wedding planning isn’t too hard, so you have to make sure you don’t accidentally skip meals.
Drinking is just as important - and by drinking, we don’t mean wedding-day mimosas, although one might help calm your nerves. While having a toast is okay, staying hydrated with good ole’ H2O is crucial to the rest of your day. Chances are, you’ll need that extra energy for emotional “I do’s” that are ahead. You can set reminders on your phone or download apps that help you remember to drink water and get some food in your system. This won’t just help you the day of your wedding, but throughout the entire wedding process leading up to it.

Getting ready

Wedding day hair and makeup can take a very, very long time, and the last thing you want to do on your wedding day is to rush. Start getting ready earlier than you might think, that way you have more than enough time to get dolled up to perfection, you won’t be stressed out or rushed. Most ceremonies are delayed because a bride is still applying the finishing touches of hair, makeup and dress.
If you have a photographer on your wedding day, they’ll be taking photos throughout the whole day. Traditionally, a few shots of the bride getting ready are crucial. Make sure you schedule time to get the classic shots of you in your bridal lingerie and putting on your wedding dress. If you plan for the extra time, not only will your makeup and hair turn out great, but you’ll also have some beautiful photos from your best angles. You’ll look gorgeous and be stress free – sounds like perfection already.

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Speaking of having enough time for photos during the hair and makeup portion of your day, you’ll also be taking photos with your bridesmaids, parents, and the whole wedding party throughout the event as well. Have you ever wondered why weddings run so late all the time? It’s often because everyone is getting their picture taken. Make sure to ask your photographer how long this should take and plan a cocktail hour that is long enough to get it done. Having some sort of plan for this really helps move things along for everyone involved.
If you’re wondering what to do the morning of your wedding day, the answer is simple – do what makes you happy and focus on the nuptials ahead. Whether it’s spending time with your mom or best friend, going for a jog, meditating, or having a dance party with your bridesmaids, only you can make the perfect morning routine. There’s a reason that couples start planning their big day months ahead of time, and it’s important to consider the day-of schedule as well. As long as everything is in place for the wedding day beforehand, the morning should be stress free and just about perfect. Remember to eat and hydrate yourself, and just be you. We hope our list helps you get an idea of what you want your special day to be like. Good luck and congratulations!

Written by Matthew Oliver

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