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Here's the steps we go through to make the magic.


To create a beautiful wedding requires not only inspiration but vision. We always pay a visit to the venue before coming up with any design concepts for our couples. Often, we will be in a space and that’s when the idea hits us for a ceremony layout, dinner layout or even decor ideas. We have drawn our inspiration from a range of sources such as nature, rugs, wallpaper and paints.

For example...

When we visited this venue in the South of France, we stood on the balcony and looked out over the grounds and that’s when the idea for the dinner layout came to us. We thought how amazing and unique it would be to place the tables along the lines of the already existing path which was perfectly carved before us. A perfectly cross-shaped table, with the grass framing the dinner.


After a reconnaissance trip, we return full of inspiration and focus on creating a design with the couple and their venue in mind. We envision each aspect of the day from floral arrangements and place settings to the flow and ambience we will create. We pull images into one place called a deck to show our couples our proposed design direction and make adjustments based on their feedback.

For example...

Upon returning to the office after our site visit, we focused on creating the design with the couple's aesthetic and cross shaped table in mind. This brought us to envisioning tall arrangements along the dinner tables with green napkins to match the green of the Château shutters.


After making adjustments to the design and decisions on furniture and place settings etc. We find it useful for our couples to have a clear idea of what everything will look like on the day. With the help of our computer-aided designers (CAD) who create life styled mockups of the latest design concept, we can show different angles and layouts of the spaces before making any final decisions.

For example...

To bring the concept to life, we had one of our computer-aided designers (CAD) bring all of our design ideas together. They used precise measurements, colours and details such as furniture and place settings from the deck we created.


In planning, everything is constantly evolving and this is because as time goes on, we learn more about our couples, their likes, dislikes and nuances. To see the final design realised and our couples’ expression when they first enter the space is one of our favourite parts of the job.

For example...

Throughout the planning process, everything is constantly changing and it’s beautiful to watch one small idea evolve into something bigger and more beautiful that we could have imagined. When we walked into the final space, it was absolutely breathtaking and we couldn’t have done it without the help of each and every one of our talented suppliers.

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