What Are Charger Plates??

Hello my lovely Moers!  How are you?  Anyone getting married this weekend?
"What is a charger plate?" I've heard recently when explaining them to couples!  A charger plate is...

  • Also known as a service plate, underplate or chop plate
  • It's a large plate
  • Used to dress a table for special events as a table place setting
  • Generally their stylish and can fit a lot of designs
  • People don't often eat off them!
  • They're used as an underplate for the main plates or taken away before the food begins by the caterers.
  • Though always removed before the dessert
  • They come in a range of materials. i.e traditional china, metal, wood, glass, plastic and pearl
  • They've been around since the 19th century
  • You can hire them from a range of places or if you want a particular design, you can buy them!

Here are a few examples of charger plate been used as a wedding place setting...

Image credit - Ruffled

What is a charger plate?

Image credit - Branco Prata

What is a charger plate?

Image credit - Style Me Pretty

What is a charger plate?

Image credit - Wedding Sparrow

What is a charger plate?

Image credit - Carter & Cook Event Co.

What is a charger plate?

Image credit - Dusk Jacket

What is a charger plate?

Image credit - Green Wedding Shoes

I hope this has opened your eyes to the world of charger plates, and why you should think about using them for your table design?!

It's even become popular to write quotes on them, like Lisa and David 2015, or your menu for instance; both completely DIY of course!

Share the love of chargers and thanks for popping by.

Lot's of love,

Matthew Oliver Wedding Stylist and Events Planner xx

Written by Matthew Oliver

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