Mallorca Wedding

Natural Elegance

When Roxie and Ben approached us with their vision of a magical destination wedding in Europe, we knew their love story deserved an extraordinary setting. The moment they discovered Finca Serena, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the island of Mallorca, they instantly fell in love.

Inspired by their vibrant style, we set out to create an enchanting celebration that would capture their hearts. The natural beauty of the vineyard became the backdrop for their special day, infusing every moment with a sense of romance and authenticity.

For the reception, we crafted an elegant and modern design that harmonized effortlessly with the rustic charm of Vince Serena. The color palette embraced the essence of summer, with rich hues of earthy greens and warm amber tones, reflecting the surrounding vineyard landscape.

Under the starlit sky, guests gathered around a long table adorned with delicate flowers and flickering candlelight. The aroma of delicious Mediterranean cuisine filled the air, complementing the vineyard's essence. Laughter and love intertwined as Roxie and Ben's nearest and dearest shared heartfelt toasts and danced the night away in the Finca.


Some shots from the wedding

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