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Bonjour, bonjour! 

Weddings are unique, beautiful, emotional and often the biggest day of someone’s life, and I am honoured to be able to create them with the help of my team. We have the opportunity to work with couples from all over the world and really getting to know them is an incredible experience and something I have an immense passion for. 

After 11 years of planning destination weddings, I have learnt it all comes down to two things, connection and personality. You must have a connection with the couple to really get to know them and create a wedding which is all of them, it also makes for a fun planning process! Then, taking into account the personality of the venue, of course, the couple and a little of what makes Matthew Oliver Weddings special, bring it all together to create something stunning, which has never been seen before. 

I’m very fortunate with the success of Matthew Oliver and also in life, Bertie has not only been my best friend, but has also been very supportive in the direction of the business, where we can bounce ideas off each other from two different perspectives, which is invaluable!

Animals are a super passion of mine, and I’m a huge advocate for them. Every year we send 1% of what we earn to an animal charity, so thank you so much for allowing us to be able to do that, and supporting this beautiful world we live in. 

What I love most (other than our couples, weddings, Rupert and of course Bertie!) is going on a long run after work, down the canal path in Bradford-on-Avon with Rupert, listening to my female rap and 80’s music – trying my best to sing/rap! (and failing…)

I like to say the last few years have really shaped me into who I am, and that is because I’ve been able to work with incredible people and see amazing places.  I’ve learnt so much about who I am, but I’m constantly learning from each of my couples, industry friends, and also learning from the cultures/traditions we’ve experienced along the way. All this mixed with travelling has created me, and I love who I am! 

Love Matthew x

"Never grow up!" 


  • Oliver isn’t my name – I made it up! 😄
  • I use way too many emojis – my current favourite is the peace emoji ✌🏻
  • I love an adventure and getting lost in the adventure 🙈
  • I love patterns and the contrast of patterns (this website would look so different if I got my way haha)
  • 80’s fashion is what I’m currently trying to archive - but fashion, in general, is super important to me and I love wearing untraditional suits - you’ll never see me in black
  • I’m sad at the end of each wedding because it’s all over 😢
  • Plants, Grey’s Anatomy and Ru Paul’s Drag Race are the way to my heart – when I last counted I have over 90 palnts 🌵and I have dressed up into drag a couple of times, maybe one day you’ll know me as someone else 🤣
  • I like to build friendships with each of my couples
  • David Attenborough is my idol and the reason why I LOVE animals 🐕
  • I’m a VEGAN and love coffee ☕(the reason I highlighted and bold vegan is that we get so many lovely gifts from new suppliers, but they’re not vegan haha)
  • I love, love, love female rap, girl bands and 80’s music! My newest female rapper who has just come into my life is GloRilla and Ice Spice (soooo good)
  • I’m a huge dinosaur/ Jurassic Park/ Star Wars (classic) geek 🦖
  • I’m way too competitive
  • The way I like to unwind is to get lost in a computer game and feel like I’m there, playing that character (only female characters) - currently playing Horizon Dawn Forbidden West
  • I’m just a normal guy, with a huge, huge imagination 🤓

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