Meet Danny

Hello! ✋🏼

As a creative in this world, I have always been keen to keep my career path surrounded by things that give me life visually. Right from college I have always found myself drawn to all things creative and it's led to my background in photography, visual merchandising, styling and in more recent years, weddings 💍

You will often find me either in my own world immersed in a games console RPG, listening to music very loudly (in my car especially!) or out with friends down the beach or doing something Disney related! Huge fan here! ✨

I have known Matthew and Bertie for more than a decade now and worked as an assistant to Matthew on one of his very first weddings a long, long, lonnnnnng time ago! It was there that I realised that I really wanted to give this a go and from there went off on my own to do weddings in Cyprus and Rhodes for a couple of years and in the meantime kept supporting Matthew Oliver along the way. Not long after this I joined the team officially! 🌎

I love being part of this team and feel very fortunate to be in the wedding industry and always look forward to giving it everything I have got! 😜

Love Danny x

  • I love an emoji! (don't know if you can tell!?) 😆
  • My favourite genre of music is dance/drum & bass 🥁
  • I love an immersive RPG game on my PS5 🎮
  • I am a very social person so love spending time with my family and friends 👫
  • I'm a vegetarian 🌱
  • I really LOVE stationery, like a lot! 📗
  • Like Jade, I like everything to be tidy and have it's place 🤗
  • I love my clothes and I am known for my large collection of hoodies and trainers! 🧢
  • Just like clothes I seem to collect candles but never want to light them!🕯
  • I'm a qualified Mental health first aider 🏥

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