Outdoor Wedding Essentials

So, you’ve decided on an outdoor wedding. Congratulations! With the National Wedding Survey finding that the venue is what we Brits spend the most money on, we know how important it is to get it right. Here, we share our tips and tricks to help your day go as smoothly as possible – whatever the weather.

Chilly ceremonies

Rainy wedding ceremony

Photography by Kreativ

Marquee or gazebo

Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but if your wedding is due to take place in a month or place where you know there’s a fair chance of rainfall, it might be worth considering some sort of waterproof structure to shelter under should the weather take a turn.

Heating lamps

Take the chill off the evening (even in the summer) with heating lamps, or if your venue will allow it, a bonfire! Keep temperatures and spirits up with a few places for guests to warm themselves.

Blankets and throws

This is another must-have for weddings scheduled on days that are likely to be a little bit chilly. Inexpensive blankets provided to throw over laps during the ceremony will be a big hit amongst your loved ones – trust us. When it comes to outdoor weddings, guest comfort has to be a priority

Umbrellas and welly boots

Half-way through your vows and it starts chucking it down? Why didn’t we bring some brollies?! Have some at hand, just in case.

Warm weddings

South of France Wedding

Photography by Paula Broome

Suncream and insect repellent

Keep both sunburn and bug bites at bay with these two essential ointments. Have these on hand and your guests, while trying desperately to find shade and swatting away mosquitos, will really appreciate it.

Hand fans and water

Keeping your guests cool is essential – after all, they’ve had a long hot day of standing around, clapping, and being happy for you! Paper hand fans on seats and a hydration station are ideal.

Parasols and sunglasses

Protect your guests from cooking in the sun and shield their eyes from both your bright future as a couple and UV rays with these little extras, which could even double up as wedding favours.

Windy weather

International Wedding Planner – table 1

Photography by Ben Yew

Veil weights, napkin weights and table cloth clips

We just don’t need things flying about, do we? Veils, napkins and tablecloths can all be held down with beautiful or discreet ornaments – crisis averted!

Candle covers

If you’re allowed candles at your venue, we suggest popping some cylindrical glass covers over them to shield them from being constantly blown out. If you’re not allowed them, try solar artificial candles with a faux flame effect for a similar flickering glow.

Setup essentials

Chateau de Tourreau Wedding

Photography by Adam Alex 


Again, this goes without saying, but your guests need some lights – and so do you for those beautiful wedding pictures! The tried-and-tested string lighting is romantic, twinkly and relatively easy to achieve.


We hope this one is obvious, but not having anywhere close by where your guests can relieve themselves would be a bit of a mistake, wouldn’t it?

Microphone PA system

Consider the sound of the crash of the waves or the whistle of the wind at your ceremony and install clip-on microphones to ensure nature is your backing track, not a lead vocalist.

Just for fun

Montenegro Wedding 6

Photography by Ben Yew

Garden games

Try giant Jenga, boules, or Scandinavian outdoor games like Mölkky or Kubb at your wedding to give your guests a chance to bond between festivities. Drinking and throwing around wooden pins, what could go wrong?

Alternative confetti

Some outdoor wedding venues don’t allow the throwing of confetti, biodegradable or not. Luckily for you, there are other options. Wedding wands can be used to create the same effect, bubbles are a dreamy option, and sparklers are a beautiful way to send a couple off on their honeymoon.
Outdoor weddings have their own charm, but there can be a lot of details to consider! Hopefully, this list of essentials will help you out. 

Written by Ceri

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