Destination Guide: England

If you're thinking about where to tie the knot, England is a great place to start! It's home to a stunning range of natural beauty, with everything from rolling hills and picturesque lakes to stunning cliffs and sandy beaches. No matter what kind of scenery you envision for your wedding photos, you’re sure to find it in England.

Our guide to your destination wedding in England will make planning your special day a breeze!

Wedding Hotspots in England

England's got it all when it comes to incredible architecture from the tranquility of the countryside to the vibrant energy of a big city, England has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a traditional church wedding or a more modern ceremony, you can find a venue to suit your style.

England is easily accessible for destination weddings. With its well-connected transportation network and numerous international airports, England is a great choice for couples looking to have guests travel from all over the world. Additionally, its location in the heart of Europe makes it a convenient destination for couples looking to have a destination wedding.

Wedding Venues To Die For

England is home to some of the most beautiful and unique wedding venues in the world. From grand manor houses to chic city hotels, there is something to suit every couple's style and taste.

If you're looking for a venue that exudes elegance and sophistication, Euridge Manor is the perfect choice. Set in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside, this stunning manor house boasts impeccable style and luxury.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a venue that combines classic charm with modern amenities, Babington House is the perfect choice. This Soho House property is set in the Somerset countryside and offers a range of stylish event spaces, including a stunning Orangery and a beautiful walled garden.

Wilderness Reserve in Norfolk is a perfect venue if you're looking to escape to a secluded and peaceful location. The estate features several beautiful properties and outdoor spaces that are perfect for a rustic and charming wedding.

Finally, if a chic and stylish city wedding is more your style, Claridges London is the ideal venue. This iconic hotel in Mayfair is renowned for its glamorous interiors and impeccable service, making it the perfect choice for a stylish and sophisticated wedding.

English Culture

England is a country steeped in culture. From the centuries-old traditions of afternoon tea and fish and chips to the vibrant music and art scenes in cities like London, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. England also has a rich and varied history that can be experienced in its many museums, galleries, and historic sites. The country is also known for its love of sports and its passion for the arts, as well as its vibrant nightlife and entertainment. All of these elements come together to create a unique culture and way of life that make England a great place to visit and live.

English Climate

England has a temperate climate with mild summers and cool, wet winters. The average temperature varies from month to month, but generally speaking, it rarely gets too hot or too cold. Precipitation is fairly common, but the amount of rain varies from region to region. In general, the south and east tend to be drier than the north and west.

Legal Requirements

If you are a foreigner wishing to get married in England, there are a few legal requirements that you must meet. Firstly, you must obtain a Marriage Visitor Visa which is valid for 6 months, or a Standard Visitor Visa which is valid for up to 2 years. Secondly, both parties must be over the age of 16 and give at least 28 days’ notice of their intention to marry. Thirdly, you must have proof of identity, address and proof that any previous marriages have been dissolved. Finally, you must have a valid passport and a completed marriage notice form.

Your English Honeymoon

England is an ideal destination for couples in search of a romantic getaway. It offers a variety of activities and experiences, from luxurious spa days to thrilling theme parks. From the picturesque Lake District and the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales to the vibrant cities of London and Manchester, England has something special to offer all honeymooners. Whether you crave a quiet country break or an exciting city adventure, you'll find the perfect experience for your honeymoon. Plus, with its convenient location in the heart of Europe, England is easily accessible for couples wanting an unforgettable romantic escape.

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