Longleat Wedding

A wedding at a safari park

Cheryl and Jon hosted their wedding in a marquee at Longleat, better known as a safari park in the west of England. The marquee was positioned perfectly on the lawn, so the balcony looked out over the water. The stunning Elizabethan stately home created one spectacular view.

The design was a clean and elegant look with a white and navy colour palette. Not a single detail was overlooked when designing this marquee, and the result was pristine white as far as the eye could see, with navy accents on the tables. The tables were carefully laid out beneath a large ceiling arrangement made of 100% natural flowers and foliage which was no small feat. This arrangement paired perfectly with the chandeliers to create a ballroomesque atmosphere. This super clean look remains one of our favourite marquees to date.

It is worth noting that Cheryl's love of dinosaurs (just like Matthew's) did not go amiss, and dinosaurs could be found throughout the design. For example, they were hidden on the stationery, on the tables and well, how could you miss the large dinosaur ice sculpture which doubled as a vodka luge! It was magnificent to behold, but sadly due to the heat, it melted before the end of the night.

Photography by: Ben Yew

Some shots from the wedding

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