Wedding Flowers for Every Season

Hello everyone.  How are you all?  Cannot believe its Friday again.
So I have a very special post today about seasonal flowers and why you need to think about the seasons you're getting married in and what is available in terms of flowers.
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Wedding Flowers

Whether you're getting married in the summer or exchanging your vows in the fall, the season in which you tie the knot plays a major role in what flowers you can use and can afford at your wedding. It’s important to know what types of flowers are in bloom during the season in which you plan to wed as they can make a substantial difference in your wedding scheme and up the cost of your wedding overall. Since the price and availability of flowers changes throughout the year, seasonal flowers tend to be a better value and easier to find. Similar to fruits and vegetables, flowers can be imported or grown in greenhouses to make certain kinds available year round; however, these flowers are often more expensive and aren't so easy to get a hold of. Therefore it’s best to hunt for flowers that will be in bloom at the time 

of your wedding.
While your wedding planner or florist is sure to have knowledge about what types of flowers are in season during the time you plan to walk down the aisle, you should still investigate your floral options. Keep in mind there are a range of flowers available during each season, so you don’t have to settle for something that you don’t want. No matter the month you plan on saying “I do,” you’re sure to find the floral arrangement suitable for you at M&S.

Wedding FlowersWedding Flowers

Spring and Summer Wedding Flowers

Nature is resuscitated during the spring time, bringing us a kaleidoscope of colors. Flowers like the yellow-pedaled Forsythia and the fragrant Lily of the Valley are two of the more expensive seasonal wedding flowers for the spring time. Tulips, hyacinths, and peonies are also in bloom and are a tad cheaper and available to florists from wholesalers during the winter months. Summer time brings us a medley of flowers, providing brides and grooms with a wide selection of floral arrangements. Summer flowers such as blue delphiniums, gladioli, blue Nigella (also known as Love-in-a-mist), and irises are a hit at summer weddings because they can enrich the traditional wedding whites or match the bright colors in your bridesmaids’ gowns or wedding decorations from Weddingstar.
Wedding FlowersWedding Flowers
Floral Arrangements for Autumn and Winter
Rich reds, pale yellows, and fiery oranges are some of the hues that we think of when it comes to fall flowers. There are a host of flowers available during the autumn season, and popular flowers like ranunculus make for stunning additions in any fall wedding bouquet. Autumn also brings intriguing fruits like crab apples that can be used in marital ceremonies and receptions as utilizing fruit in decorations has become a new trend in weddings. Combine the greens and bold reds of crab apples with the appealing Chinese lantern fruits, or Physalis, to create unique centerpieces and grand floral displays. Although you may fret over the availability of flowers if you’re getting hitched during the winter months, there is an array of flowers like amaryllis that can be used to create a lovely Christmas themed wedding with extra
floral adornments like red dogwood stems and pussy willows to give your holiday wedding decorations a modern touch.
Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers
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