Unique Outdoor Wedding Venues in 2024

As more couples seek to exchange vows in settings out of the ordinary, the year 2024 is set to ignite new waves of distinctive venues. In this article, we explore the most unique outdoor wedding venues that are trending in 2024.

Wedding Tipis at Four Oaks Farm

Four Oaks Farm is a breathtaking lakeside wedding venue located in West Sussex. This countryside location is the perfect place to host a tipi wedding by Tentario.

Hiring a wedding tipi has become a trendsetting venue in recent years and they continue to strive in 2024. They are perfect for couples seeking a unique, laid-back venue that provides substantial flexibility, stunning scenery, connects with nature, and creates a sense of togetherness among guests. There’s no wonder these remarkable structures are raising the bar for unique and memorable weddings.

The Pavilion

A truly magical venue. Located next to Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, The Pavilion is a 12-acre garden that can host up to 400 guests.

Host your ceremony in the luxurious greenery Arbour Tunnel, then dine inside the largest treehouse restaurant in the world, and exclusively enjoy the 12-acre garden once it has closed to the public.

This venue was recently awarded the ‘Most Romantic Wedding Venue in the North of England’.

Ultimately, the Pavilion and Treehouse Garden’s combination of charm and natural beauty make it an ideal venue for couples seeking a unique wedding day.

Tunnels Beaches

Located at the coast of Devon, this venue sets the stage for an unforgettable entrance and experience. Arrive via a hand-carved tunnel through the cliffs that leads you to your secluded beach paradise. Overlooking the sea, this tranquil location with stunning views is the perfect place to say the words “I do”.

The venue can cater for unforgiving weather conditions as you can take the ceremony inside their prestigious state-of-the-art building if required. 

Tunnels Beaches is more than just a wedding venue as it provides an experience that escapes the traditional venues, creating memories that will last forever.

Happy Valley in Norfolk

Celebrate your wedding day in the nine-acre woodland with event barns and then crash out overnight at the on-site luxury glamping accommodations. With plenty of space, you can choose the perfect spot to say “I do”, whether the ceremony takes place in the woodlands, an open field, a rustic barn, or by a lake.

Happy Valley provides couples with the freedom to paint their dream wedding day as your celebration isn’t restricted to the pre-packaged traditional reception venues. Pursue your celebration as uniquely as you desire.

Remember, your wedding is more than just exchanging vows, it is a celebration and the next chapter of your love story. Don’t be afraid to select a venue that is unique and distinctive to the traditional venues we are all used to. 

Written by Danny Blake

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