The Perfect Pair: Wine and Seafood for Your Wedding Reception

Yes. Pairing wine and seafood is not a never-seen-before scenario at weddings. What's more, it's a common combination at special events like this. 

Wine is already a must on the list, and tasty seafood only adds to the deliciousness and variety of the menu. When done right – it's like winning the food lottery. However, when the seafood-wine pair goes wrong, it can be a disaster.

With any food pairing, you have to be careful to match the portion size, edibility, guest preferences, and, most importantly, the taste that results when these are mixed.

If your guests are a fan of both, here are some pairings that'll surely sweep them off their feet.

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Rose Wines + Tomato-Based Seafood Soups / Tuna Steaks

Rose wines are an absolute favorite at romantic occasions such as bachelorette parties and weddings. They're not considered a heavy drink, they've got some sweetness to them, and they're easy to pair. 

If you're planning on bringing out a stronger portion, such as tuna steaks or tomato-based seafood soups, you should probably go with Rose wines. Don't worry about the origin – Spanish, California, or French; all rose wines are more or less the same.

The point is they are a signature drink that goes well with a heavier food portion.

Riesling + Lobster

As far as food is concerned, lobsters are a signature food for many occasions. They're delicious, nutritious, and a real treat for your guests. More and more wedding planners include them in the menu, and for a good reason.

When paired with a Riesling, it's like Heaven on Earth. Fuller whites, like the Rieasling in this case, go great with spicy, stronger food like lobster. If you want your guests to really enjoy the flavor of this specialty, then pairing it with Kabinett, Spatlese, or Auslese is your lottery ticket.

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Chardonnay + Crab Legs

The perfect CC combination would be Chardonnay and crab legs. They're not delicious, and these two partners get along excellently. 

Although it might not seem like a formal food choice for a wedding, crab legs served with lemon juice are absolutely delicious, and guests who initially love seafood, will surely enjoy this food choice.

As for the wine, Chardonnay is a safe and tasty choice. This is a common choice for more than one seafood combination, and when paired with a bit of lemon juice, it's perfect.

Octopus Goes With Everything

If you've decided on serving an octopus on your special day, then you won't have to worry about choosing the perfect wine to match this food choice. Everything goes.

What's the deal? The octopus's flavor is semi-neutral, making it an easy partner for a drink. Here, you can rely on your personal preferences, from white to fuller red wines. 

A favorite, however, is a medium-bodied merlot. This choice has been made before, and guests have nothing but words of praise for this seafood-wine combination. So, if you don't have any ideas, you can try out this one first.

Written by Matthew Oliver

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