5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Simple Wedding Ceremony

When it comes to weddings, it’s easy for things to quickly get overwhelming. Between budgeting, finding a venue, sending out invitations, crafting the perfect wedding hashtag, curating your menu, choosing a theme, and much more, you might find yourself getting lost in logistics and planning. That’s why you might opt for keeping things simple. Not to mention, if you’re looking to have a COVID wedding, then it’s important to keep things small to keep everyone safe.

Of course, if planning is your thing and you’re looking to absolutely ball out on the wedding extravaganza of your dreams, by all means go for it. It’s your day, and it deserves to be perfect down to the last detail.
But there can be a lot of perks to keeping things simple. For one, weddings aren’t cheap. In 2019, the average cost of weddings across the U.S. was a whopping $33,900. Simplifying your wedding by cutting down on the size of your guest list, opting for DIY decorations, serving a simple menu, or even hiring that one DJ friend of yours can actually end up saving you a lot of money. That way you can spend money on the things that really matter. 

5 Reasons To Consider A Simple Wedding Ceremony

1. Budget Friendly Venues

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With a small guest list comes a small venue. Your venue can end up being one of the most expensive parts of your wedding. If you keep your ceremony small and simple, you can use a family home, Airbnb, restaurant, café, or even a library or museum for your ceremony. 
All of these venues can end up saving you tons of money. You can even double down and have both your reception and wedding ceremony at the same venue for twice the savings. And remember, especially in the COVID era, it’s perfectly cool to have a virtual ceremony on zoom! Save your money for a party when the pandemic is over—that’s what the guests want anyways.

2. Invest In A Great Photographer

Destination Wedding planner

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Wedding ceremonies are temporary, but photographs of your wedding day are forever. If you’re saving money by having a simple wedding ceremony, then you can invest in a great photographer who can capture all the intimate moments of your special day. 
A great photographer will not only work to capture the best of every moment during your actual wedding ceremony, but will also often take photographs before the wedding that you can use for wedding invitations and save the dates. Plus, a good wedding photographer will also often edit some of your photographs so that they look extra pretty and professional.
 And of course, if you’re taking some awesome pictures, don’t forget to tag them with your wedding hashtag when you post them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Wedding hashtags are an awesome way to aggregate all your photos into one place on your social media feed. They’re also fun catchphrases to celebrate your union. If you haven’t come up with the perfect hashtag yet, check out Wedding Hashers for all your hashtag needs. Wedding Hashers is the largest network of professional hashtag writers--you won’t be disappointed.

3. Splurge On Your Food And Drinks

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With a simpler wedding ceremony and fewer guests, you’ll be able to splurge on your menu a bit more. You’ll have some extra wiggle room in your budget to really create a menu that you love. You could even hire a food truck. 
If you’re only feeding 10-15 people instead of 60+, you won’t have to choose between the crispy artichoke heart appetizers and the nicoise salad. You can have both. Don’t forget, you can also spend those savings on the bar to get some fancier cocktails or an extra bottle of champagne.

4. Give Your Guests Personalized Wedding Favors

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Keeping your wedding small and intimate opens up some new possibilities for party favors too. If your wedding is attended by just your closest family and friends, then you will have the ability to create personalized wedding gifts. 
Whether you go with custom mugs, coasters, or bottle openers, or something a bit fancier like a wine glass, a hand towel, or a picture frame, you’ll be able to really give your guests something to remember the day by. Better party favors are an enticing perk of having a simple wedding ceremony—no one wants a wedding favor that just gets lost in the shuffle.

5. Save And Go Big For Your Honeymoon

Chateau de Tourreau Wedding

Photography by Adam Alex 

Weddings are great and all, but they’re partly for your guests. Honeymoons are just for you. One of the major perks of keeping your wedding ceremony simple is that it saves you money for the honeymoon of your dreams
With some extra savings, you can finally go on that trip to Tahiti that you’ve been fantasizing about. Or maybe your ideal destination is somewhere in the Swiss Alps. Wherever it is, just remember that a simple wedding ceremony can open up some new options for your special trip together.

Simplify Your Wedding 

A simple wedding ceremony can help you save money and open up some opportunities when it comes to your actual wedding day and even your honeymoon. If you’re having a wedding during the COVID era, then you may seriously want to consider keeping the ceremony small, at least for this year. You can always have a blow-out party when things get safer.
But at the end of the day, there’s no recipe for the perfect wedding. If you want to go big, then go big. If you prefer the intimacy of just your close friends and family then that’s perfectly fine too. What matters is that you and your spouse are happy and that the wedding is a reflection of your dreams and your union.

Written by Ceri

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